Alces Flight at SC18 - Dallas, TX - November 11-15th

We’re pleased to announce that the Alces Flight team will be participating in several events this SC18 in Dallas, TX at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre this November 11-15th! Check out the list below and for the latest news check out our Twitter feed: @alcesflight

Registration and more info for the conference can be found here:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

9th International Workshop on Diversifying the HPC Community
Room D220, starting at 9:00 AM
We’ll be participating in Lightning Talks - bringing the latest in cloud HPC adoption to the diverse community of WHPC!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Alces Flight on Google Cloud
Booth #1604 starting at 1:00 PM
Are you looking at Google for your future cloud HPC projects? This presentation covers off how to get start with Flight and get into your science fast!

University of Liverpool - Stepping into Cloud with AWS
Booth #3447 starting at 4:00 PM
We are proud to feature the University of Liverpool who have taken Flight hybrid! Their talk will highlight the discovery work done in cloud HPC - a must for those looking to expand their HPC solution.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cloud Adoption in HPC
Booth #1604 starting at 1:00 PM
How is cloud being consumed in the world of High Performance Computing? Come join us at Google as we explore real case studies in cloud adoption.

University of Liverpool - Breaking New HPC Ground with Dell EMC, Alces & AWS
Booth #3218 starting at 3:00 PM
The team at the University of Liverpool is back, this time to talk about the Barkla cluster, their latest on-premises build. Join them to learn about the work their researchers are doing in Deep Learning and what is next for their HPC solution.

Personalised Medicine and HPC
Room D220 starting at 5:15PM
How do we move from the concept of personalised medicine to reality? This Birds of a Feather focuses on the bleeding edge technologies the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence is exploring in their quest for near-real time treatments.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Creating a Top 500 Cluster on Your Lunch Break
Booth #3447 starting at 1:00 PM
Ever wanted to compete on the Top 500 but only have a few thousand dollars to your name? This talk covers off the creation of a Top 500 cluster on the AWS cloud platform.