Alces flight in Azure Market place

Hi there, some of our researchers have been using Alces from with Azure market place, we also have a template that access it from azure market place. This all seems to have disappeared.

with the new changes coming in i thought from the below that this would be still available

Will it be going back int othe market place again?

if so any idea when?

thank you for your help

Flight’s original version via the Azure marketplace is still available to all accounts that subscribed to the trial offering before 13/03/2019. If you’ve since unsubscribed or have a new account, you will no longer be able to subscribe to that trial, it may be worth contacting Azure support if its disappeared from your account in error.

OpenFlight will be available via downloadable images and launch templates next month, we’re also running instant-launch service trials for academic customers that will be available for sign-up from the website in the next few weeks or if you contact with you’re use case we can sign you up for one of those from there.

Hope that helps!