AWS Openflight HPC images key

Hi - I was recommended Alces Flight Compute, but this appears to be replaced with Openflight HPC? I’m trying to set up a HPC cluster using the Openflight HPC stack to use with a Nextflow pipeline. I was hoping to download the images into my AWS account as in here, however when I try and download from the repo, I get an error saying that the key doesn’t exist? Do I need a key to authorise me to access the images from the repo/bucket?

Has anyone else experienced this issue who’s used the Openflight HPC stack?


Hi Antonio,

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Apologies, you’ve caught the images at just the wrong time, currently the image is in the process of being re-uploaded after an issue in the image. The image should be available in about an hour. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Hi Stu - Wow thanks for such a fast response! So there’s no key required for downloading the images and it should just work once the re-upload that you’re doing is complete? Is that just the error that AWS gives if the image has an issue?

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Yep, there’s no key as the images are publicly shared and AWS does give that - fairly cryptic - error message when the upstream file is unavailable.

I’ll be sure to drop a message here when the upload is finished.



@antonio_ac that image is live now.

I suggest a refresh of the image import instructions as there has been a slight tweak regarding the AMI creation settings (namely, setting the disk size to default to a size large enough for applications and some data).

Hi Stu - that image download worked this morning! I’m waiting for AWS to import the snapshot at the moment!

Thanks for your help!

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