BeeGFS and Alces Flight

Hi guys,

I’m attempting to follow the rather excellent white paper on using BeeGFS with Flight,

The CloudFormation templates reference in Appendix A, don’t work anymore unfortunately. I don’t suppose anyone has other guidance or experience getting BeeGFS up and running with Flight?

Thanks in advance,


We’ve updated the templates so they now reference the production AMIs as intended – can you try those templates again now please and let us know if they’re working for you?

Note that they only work in eu-west-1 and us-east-1.



That’s great, but the issue is that the templates can’t be accessed.

I still get access denied errors trying to use them (they’re referenced in Appendix A).

FYI, the two templates are:

Could you fix permissions on these templates so they’re accessible?


Those URLs look like they’re missing important - characters!

Can you try these ones please?

I’ll check over the white paper to see why you’re getting the wrong links.

Ah, it seems that, when copying and pasting the links from the white paper, the - character at the end of the line isn’t being included in the highlighted text.

So others don’t fall foul of this in future, we’ve uploaded templates to match the names without the - characters too – thanks for letting us know!