Customization script won't run - S3 error

Something seems off about customization scripts.

I am attempting to follow the documentation and have created a script for the default profile in this location:

Testing this on a live cluster gives a strange error:

alces customize apply account/default

ERROR: S3 error: 404 (Not Found)
WARNING: Empty object name on S3 found, ignoring.
chmod: cannot access ‘/opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default/*.d’: No such file or directory
Running event hooks for default
No configure hooks found in /opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default
No start hooks found in /opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default
No node-started hooks found in /opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default
No member-join hooks found in /opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default
No member-join hooks found in /opt/clusterware/var/lib/customizer/account-default

I’m not sure where to start tracking this down as everything looks fine. Any help is appreciated.

Hmm, yes, that should work! To start diagnosing what’s going on, can you let us know what the output of this command is please?

alces about customize