Difference between main and volatile apps

Hi, I saw the 8 “youtubes”, but still do not understand the difference between both type of apps. Can someone please “enlight” me !?

thanks in advance


Hi Jerry,

The packages in the volatile repository are packages that have not yet been tested with the Alces Flight images available in the AWS Marketplace. These can be thought of as “unstable” packages and therefore, the volatile repository is not enabled by default in Alces Flight.

The packages provided in the main repository have been tested and confirmed working with the latest Alces Flight images available in AWS. They also have ‘binary’ versions compiled and ready-to-go so you can harness the power of Alces Flight and AWS as quick as possible.

We are currently working hard to get the packages from volatile into the main repository. There are new packages arriving ready-to-go on a daily basis! If there’s a particular package you or your team would like to use that is not yet in the main repository, please feel free to request this application and we will endeavour to make the package available as quickly as possible.

Best Regards,