Flight Power Server on CentOS 8

Hi Stu, I’m trying to configure a power server as specified in your instructions, I’d like our researchers to use the Centos 8 platform to keep the workflows as up to date as possible. I’ve imported the Centos 8 image and created an AMI from it, but I couldn’t find any instructions for Centos 8, is there a link to them that I’m missing?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Antonio,

CentOS 8 support is currently a work-in-progress for our user suite, stack and additional tools.

Should you want to continue with CentOS 8, the instructions in the README for the power-server should work on CentOS 8 as long as the other preconditions are met.

Currently, I’d recommend CentOS 7 as that’s been heavily tested and is more stable than CentOS 8 at this point in time.



Hi Stu,

Thanks very much for your response, we’ve decided to go with Centos 7 for now as it looks like a few of the parts of the pipeline may not be suitable for Centos 8 quite yet.