How to add additional profile features

I am launching the alces cluster through cloudformation template.
How can I add selective/all profile features available at while launching the cluster?

Hi Chandrakantlotke,

At CloudFormation, under “Configuration and customization”, the features you wish to use can be entered in a space-separated list after “Additional features to enable”. For example:

Additional features to enable: configure-docker ellexusmistral ansys-fluent-v170

For more details on CloudFormation templating see

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the reply,

I am providing the parameter values at the run time to cloud formation template.
Please see the below Json, assuming that all the other parameters are there.
I have to provide the space separated names to Default key right?
“Parameters”: {
“FlightFeatures”: {
“Description”: “Alces Flight Compute feature names separated by spaces or leave blank.”,
“Type”: “String”
"Default": "configure-docker ellexusmistral ansys-fluent-v170"
How can I verify the installed features ?
Kindly confirm

Are you launching via the CloudFormation console or the AWS CLI tool?

You shouldn’t need to edit the template directly, if you’re launching through the console then you can provide the values as described in my previous response.

If you’re launching with the AWS CLI tool then you can supply the feature parameters as follows:
--parameters FlightFeatures='configure-docker ellexusmistral ansys-fluent-v170'

Once the stack has been created, you can verify the installed features by running:
alces customize list

And to see features available for install, run:
alces customize avail

Thanks for the replay,

I am launching via AWS java SDK where I replace the values at the run time.

Also, while running the “alces customize avail” command I am getting the following error,

Falling back to HTTP indexing as S3 access unavailable.
Could not retrieve repository index for feature.
ERROR: S3 error: 404 (Not Found)

One more thing, by default pdsh and other module are not loaded. I need to load those module manually.
Can I load it by default while launching the cluster?

We’d recommend following one of the supported methods of launching and modifying flight clusters.

For more information on recommended practices for launching, see

As for automatically loading modules for every session, this can be done with:
alces module initadd <module-file>

Further information on the module files can be found here

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