HPC and Research Cloud Workshop - December 14th in Manchester

Next week on Tuesday, December 14th from 10:00 AM the CIUK (formerly MEW) has been kind enough to set aside a two-hour workshop for all things cloud in Manchester. Alces Flight will be heavily featured alongside AWS, BeeGFS, and Sardina Systems. We’re hoping to turn the session interactive so you can get hands-on with our latest version as well as be able to have any questions you might have answered in person. Feel free to drop any queries you might have in a reply in advance should you plan to attend and we’ll make sure they are addressed! (Or drop some queries in if you can’t make it and we’ll be sure they get answered as well.) You can register for the conference here: https://is.gd/8cWSFp or check out our delegates page here: http://alces-flight.com/ciuk2016/