Mothur variants message

When I try to install mothur, it says ERROR: Select a variant to build for package ‘mothur’ - please choose from: default, mpi (pr pass ‘all’ to build all variants)

I don’t see any variant info in documentation. Am I overlooking something?

Hi jscottcarson,

Thanks for your interest in Alces Flight!

When installing packages such as ‘mothur’ - there are different variants of these packages that are available to be built within Alces Gridware. In this particular instance you can build this against an MPI library (such as OpenMPI) or just build a serial version of the application. You can select which variant of the application you would like to build by using the --variant parameter to alces gridware for example :-

alces gridware install apps/mothur/1.34.4 --variant mpi

You can also specify --variant all which will sequentially built each package in turn, in this instance - giving you both the default serial variant and a variant built against an MPI library.

You can distinguish between these two packages when installed by the package name used when using the module avail apps/mothur command -

[root@login1(myflightcluster) ~]# module avail apps/mothur apps/mothur/1.34.4/gcc-4.8.5 apps/mothur_mpi/1.34.4/gcc-4.8.5+openmpi-1.10.2

Hope this helps! Of course if you do have any further questions, please do reply to this message or create a new thread!