New Alces Gridware Release! v20170130

We have just released the v20170130 version of the Alces Gridware repository! This includes new versions of packages and updates to older versions to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Alces Flight.

New and updated packages in this release include:-

  • fREEDA v2.0 - A Multi-Physics Simulator
  • Picard v2.6.0 - A tool for manipulating high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data
  • Protobuf v3.6.0 - A way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format
  • Flann v1.8.4 - A library for performing fast approximate nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional spaces.
  • Oases v0.2.08 - A De novo transcriptome assembler for very short reads

And many more! You can check out the latest list on your Alces Flight cluster by running alces gridware update - which will download the latest version of the repository.

Remember! Lots of these packages come bundled with example scripts which show you an example of the application working and a template script which you can use to help get started with new applications. After installing the application and loading the module by using the module load command - use the alces template avail command to show available templates for use with this package!

If you have any suggestions for packages that you’d like to see in future Alces Gridware releases - please start a thread in here and we’ll endeavour to get this into a future release!