New Gridware release v20170815!

The Gridware release you’ve all been eagerly anticipating!! We’ve just released a new version of the Alces Gridware repository (v20170815) which adds lots of new and updated applications for many different disciplines! There are also some fixes to other applications within the Gridware main repository.

New and updated applications include:

  • Tensorflow v1.1.0 - Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning
  • Clusterflow v0.6.0-20170530 - A pipelining tool to automate and standardise bioinformatics analyses on cluster environments
  • Mothur v1.39.2 - Provides microbial ecologists with the functionality of dotur, sons, treeclimber, s-libshuff, unifrac and more.

And many more!

If you have any packages you use regularly and would like to see them included in the next release of Alces Gridware - you can start a new thread or let us know in here by responding!