NEW VERSION! 2017.1 of Alces Flight is now available in the AWS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that the latest versions of Alces Flight Compute, Solo Community & Solo Professional Edition 2017.1 have launched in the Amazon Marketplace.

This version takes the place of our previous Community & Professional versions. You can expect all the same features, now with updates and features including the following:

  • Slurm has taken over as the default scheduler for Alces Flight Solo Community.
  • The default login node instance type has been upgraded to the r4 series.
  • The newly released “i3” series has been added to the instance type options.
  • The “alces gridware” tool now provides support for creating and executing workloads using containers.
  • New options for swap and ephemeral storage configuration have been added.
  • Customization profiles have been overhauled to include push feature, commands for slave nodes, and tagging.
  • “alces sync” tool provides greater control over file selection

For those subscribed to the Alces Flight Compute, Solo Professional Edition, you will maintain the additional features of:

  • A dedicated support channel.
  • The ability to choose from a range of pre-installed job schedulers.
  • The ability to launch clusters faster by pre-installing groups of software packages.
  • Greater control over instance and cluster-wide storage configurations.
  • Ability to connect your client workstation to a cluster private network using a VPN.

You can download the latest editions here:

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Please feel free to drop them into this topic or email us direct at