NEW VERSION! 2017.2 of Alces Flight is now available in the AWS Marketplace

We have just released the latest version of Alces Flight Compute version 2017.2 into the Amazon Marketplace.

This version has a host of new features now on offer, including:

  • The ability to choose the job scheduler* to be configured on your cluster (SLURM, Grid Engine, OpenLava, TORQUE or PBS)
  • Preselect Gridware depots to install on the cluster - speeding your time to science
  • Additional options for formatting and structuring the storage layout of the cluster, including:
    – EBS storage volume type
    – Separating partitions for home and applications directories
    – Setting encryption policies on volumes
    – Configuring local scratch space
  • Extended Alces Gridware Docker features, including:
    – Image sharing
    – Local registries
    – MPI container execution
    – Custom volume mounts
  • The new c5, h1, p3, m5 & x1e AWS instances are now available for selection
  • Flight can be launched in the new AWS region eu-west-3 (Paris)
  • Personal Gridware - install any of the Gridware apps to your user directory
  • New cluster dashboard

To download the latest version of Alces Flight:

Our Alces Flight Documentation has also been updated to reflect the latest release.

If you have any questions about the latest version, drop a response into this post or email us direct at

Happy Computing!

*Please note that the Alces Flight Team does not provide support for job schedulers. You will need to purchase this directly through your job scheduler of choice.