News from Alces Flight – The OpenFlightHPC project

Greetings from the Alces Flight team! This update is to let everyone know about our exciting new project that is changing the way people build high performance computing clusters using Alces Flight Compute. From the end of this month our team will be transitioning the development of Alces Flight Compute to a new open-source project called OpenFlightHPC.

OpenFlightHPC aims to help people deliver HPC on any platform, including bare-metal, virtualized systems and public cloud. OpenFlightHPC is 100% open source and welcomes all contributions and feedback from the wider community. Everyone – users, integrators, system administrators and vendors – is welcome to be a part of this project to help it meet its aim of delivering true open-platform HPC clusters!

Alces Flight will continue to provide commercial services built around the Flight Compute solution including professionally integrated and managed HPC clusters and environments, training for users, administrators and integrators, and custom consultancy for bespoke projects.

Why is Flight Compute better placed in an open-source project?

After more than three years of developing our Flight HPC solutions we’ve really come to understand what the community needs when building environments on cloud platforms, as on-premises systems or using both in a hybrid solution. By moving Flight Compute to an open-source project we can help to ensure that its development continues without being influenced by commercial requirements. Our aim is to allow Flight Compute to become a community-focused project that delivers equivalent features across multiple platforms. To achieve this the project needs your help, so please contribute your suggestions, questions and requirements!

Will there be a cost to use OpenFlightHPC?

The OpenFlightHPC project will be available under an open-source license, with no cost to download and use. Also available will be a comprehensive knowledge base and a showcase of some of the solutions that different HPC sites are creating using Flight Compute.

What will happen to the Flight Community site?

The existing Flight Community site will remain active and be migrated into the OpenFlightHPC project in due course. Please keep posting your questions!

When will the first release of OpenFlightHPC appear?

We’ve formed our project team and they are on-track for a launch this autumn. A number of beta customers are also being identified, so please contact us if you are interested in participating in some testing.

Will the existing Flight Compute Solo subscriptions still be available on the AWS and Azure platforms?

A new set of OpenFlightHPC environments will be available at the launch date that provide new features, more build options and increased platform support. Until then existing subscribers should continue to have access to the legacy products on these platforms – alternatively, just ask on the Flight Community site for help creating HPC clusters and the Flight Crew will get back to you.

Can I make sure I am part of the launch of OpenFlightHPC?

Yes! Just register your interest here: We are also planning to be at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver, CO in November 2019, so please stop by the exhibition if you’ll be there!

Will commercial support be available for OpenFlightHPC products?

Yes – Alces Flight delivers commercially supported solutions based on the Flight Compute platform including managed HPC clusters, training and custom consultancy. Please contact the Alces Flight team at to get started!

Will the Alces Flight Launch service remain active during this time?

Yes! If you would like access please submit a request here:

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Just open a new topic on the Flight Community site, or drop us an email at