Readline dependency error on compute nodes for Mothur 1.34.4

My Mothur job is failing with

FAILED: unable to load apps/mothur_mpi/1.34.4/gcc-4.8.5+openmpi-1.8.5
Installation of required distribution packages failed, please refer to: /opt/gridware/local/el7/etc/depends/apps/

I followed the guidance on the Mothur website and installed
yum install readline-devel.x86_64
yum install readline-static.x86_64

But the error persists. Any ideas? I am on 2016.2r4


I’ve just tried mothur_mpi and it seems to be installing and loading fine for me. If you could please provide steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing on the latest marketplace release (2016.4r1) That should help us investigate further.



Did you have any luck replicating this issue?

Unfortunately, no. We are not using 2016.4.r1 as I stated in my original post. Will take some time to get 2016.4r1 in my environment to a place where I can replicate the issue.

No problem, do you have replication steps for the version you’re using?