Swapping Cluster Engine

I’m unsure where to change the cluster engine.

I understand SLURM is enabled by default:
a) how can I change this to Open Grid Engine? (eg: qsub, qstat, etc)
b) I can’t find the SLURM commands at all to test: (eg: sacct, etc)

Hi @dddanmar,

When the 2017.1 release is launched via AWS Marketplace the only scheduler available for use with Flight Community Solo Edition is Slurm.

If you need to use Open Grid Scheduler:

  1. download the Flight Compute Solo Community Edition template
  2. modify lines 2137 and 2655 to enable the gridscheduler feature rather than the slurm feature
  3. visit the CloudFormation console and upload your modified template
  4. proceed with stack creation as normal

We’re currently planning to make this process easier in our next release.

These commands should be on your PATH when you log in. If not, check that you have the services/slurm environment module loaded:

module load services/slurm

The binaries themselves are located in /opt/clusterware/opt/slurm/bin.

Hope this helps,